bit Drive technology is incorporated in all products featuring sound digital processing functions (DSP); with these products today, thanks to the Audison bit Tune, you can create "bit Drive preset" to implement the audio system you’ve always dreamt of: “Your Sound“.

With bit Drive technology we had gone beyond the product; in fact, we developed this web portal where products with bit Drive technology can be registered.

By registering your product you become part of a community where you can download "bit Drive preset", access information and support for all products with bit Drive technology and take advantage of exclusive materials and services!

Audison bit Tune

The Audison bit Tune is a revolutionary tool that allows you to automatically calibrate Audison bit processors, quickly providing maximum audio performance.

The bit Tune also includes an important set of tools useful in the everyday routine of the mobile electronics specialist, enabling you to enhance your creativity through instrumental experimentation and create the best preset for you car.

bit Drive products

Audison Prima:

Audison bit:

Hertz DSP:

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