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Privacy Policy

The personal data you voluntarily provided will be handled using IT and telematic procedures.
ELETTROMEDIA SRL undertakes to make appropriate use of the information in compliance with existing regulations and with the utmost attention and respect for personal data. With regard to this, pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of the European Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR), the Company informs you of what is described below.

Purposes of the processing

a) Processing your request to receive material and technical and commercial information.
b) Sending some commercial and marketing-related information regarding events and new products.

Sensitive data

Where the information provided to ELETTROMEDIA SRL includes sensitive data (namely data revealing racial or ethnic origins, membership in parties, trade unions religious or philosophical beliefs, religious, philosophical-related associations as well as data which could reveal one’s health status or sexual orientation) it can exclusively be processed with the prior written consent of the user.
In case of communication of sensitive data, the person concerned shall permit the use of it.

Methods of handling and storage

The handling of the data will be carried out automatically and/or manually through ways ensuring the utmost safety and secrecy by specially appointed internal subjects.
The data will be stored for no longer than it is necessary to meet the purposes for which it had previously been gathered and later handled.
ELETTROMEDIA SRL will be appointed of the exact recording of all the data so as to make it correspond to what had been stated by the person concerned as well as updating any notification of amendment by the person concerned.
In short, the data will also be communicated to:

Sphere within the data is communicated and divulged

Your data, which are undergoing processing, won’t be divulged but could be communicated to companies based either in Italy or abroad:
  • People appointed by our company who have to do with technical and commercial departments and information systems;
  • Associated companies;
  • Public bodies or private companies for compliance with legal obligations.

Nature of conferment

Although the conferment of data is optional, the refusal to submit your data may make it impossible for your requests to be fulfilled. By compiling and submitting the form, the person concern shall permit consent for the processing of his/her own data in compliance with ways expressed in points a) and b) of heading “Purposes of the processing” of the present data privacy statement.

Exercise of the rights of the interested party

If you so wished, you may exercise your rights in accordance with Articles no. 11 and 12 of GDPR by sending an email to or by post at the address indicated below.
Data Controller

ELETTROMEDIA SRL - S.S Regina km 3,500 – 62018 Potenza Picena (MC) – Tel. 0733 870870 –


Product information

1)    “Send System Info” is the word which identifies the transfer of “System Information” related to the sole use of an Audison bit Drive product, registered through the Audison bit Drive portal, saved in a folder in the PC (Personal Computer) which is used in connection with the product, by the Audison bit Drive control software. Such “System Information”, which has been saved even if not transferred, can be transferred by connecting to Elettromedia s.r.l. internet servers. The “System Information” transfer operation can take place only by ACCEPTING this legal notice.  The “System Information” transfer is not performed by the product hardware, but by the Audison bit Drive control software, which is part of the product itself. The “System Information” saved and transferred is only related to the Audison bit Drive product and it is of no other kind, so that no personal data or any other data stored in the PC is transferred. The owner of the product and manager of the account created for the Audison bit Drive product, which ACCEPTS this legal notice, by ticking the “Send System Info” box,  will authorize the Audison bit Drive control software installed in his PC, to transfer the “System Information” to Elettromedia s.r.l. servers. Such information will be used by Elettromedia s.r.l and by third party companies cooperating with Elettromedia s.r.l. to:
  • Provide correct and efficient support for the products;
  • Conduct analysis and/or statistics aimed at a continuous improvement of the products’ performance and/or ease the solution of possible malfunctions and/or operating inaccuracies;
  • Process the data in order to assist its customers optimally;
  • Improve the level of support on the products.

Elettromedia s.r.l. shall not be held responsible shall the “System Information” transfer not occur, even when it is ACCEPTED by the owner of the product and manager of the account created for the Audison bit Drive product, due to any technical problem in the PC where the Audison bit Drive control software has been installed and which is used by the Audison bit Drive product. Therefore, the level of technical support which Elettromedia s.r.l. will be able to provide for the Audison bit Drive product shall correspond to the level of “System Information” received for the product, that is as if the “Send System Info” has not been accepted and this up to the moment when the information transfer inability has occurred.

The “System Information” for the Audison bit Drive is saved in a folder in the PC, which is used in connection with the product, by the Audison bit Drive control software.
More specifically the “System Information” saved during the time in which an Audison bit Drive is used with a specific PC, can be found in that specific PC  and be eventually transferred only from that specific PC used in connection with the product during that period of time. Therefore it could happen that the “System Information” saved in a specific PC, within a specific period of time and not transferred at that time because the legal notice “Send System Info” has not yet been accepted or for technical problems on the specific PC or for any other reason, can not be transferred after the said period of time with a different PC from the one in which they had been saved.
Shall the above occur the level of technical support which Elettromedia s.r.l. will be able to provide for the Audison bit Drive product shall correspond to the level of “System Information” received for the product.

In order to limit the space necessary to the “System Information” storage the Audison bit Drive control software has been designed to cancel such data, from the dedicated PC folder, once it is transferred to Elettromedia s.r.l. servers.   

2) The owner of the product and manager of the account created for the Audison bit Drive product which DOES NOT ACCEPT the “Send System Info” legal notice, in other words the “System Information” transfer, is aware that he can receive a limited technical support, for not providing Elettromedia s.r.l. with the conditions to render the best possible support and is also further aware that he can not perform any software and/or hardware updates to add functions to the software/product. Updates aimed at assuring the minimum operating requirements and the product safety of operation will be however practicable even if the “Send System Info” has not been accepted.

3) The customer/owner of the product and  manager of the account created for the Audison bit Drive product can change the state of acceptance of the “Send System Info” (from accepted to not accepted and viceversa) at any time by selecting a dedicated function on the Audison bit Drive portal account or by registered mail with subject “Send System Info Accepted” or “Send System Info not accepted” to be sent to the address specified in paragraph 6 of this legal notice. However, Elettromedia s.r.l. is not entitled to delete the information transferred to its servers from the moment in which it is accepted to the moment in which the customer decides to change it in “not accepted” state.

4) Once the required registration form has been filled in and  the “Send System Info” has been accepted, a confirmation e-mail with the summary of the information entered during the registration, including the acceptance or not acceptance of the “Send System Info”, is sent to the email address specified in the registration. The confirmation email includes a link to be clicked to confirm and complete the registration. By clicking on the link the customer is aware that him or someone authorized by him has carried out the registration and that the data entered is correct.

5) The acceptance of the “Send System Info” does not entitle the customer to any specific service by Elettromedia s.r.l., nor to a certain duration of the service itself which can be temporarily interrupted, suspended or stopped by Elettromedia s.r.l. at any time and at its unquestionable judgement, whether or not there is a good cause, except for the warranty and support services as established by law. At the same time, Elettromedia s.r.l. can not guarantee that the acceptance of the “Send System Info” will satisfy the personal needs of the customer, as this service refers only to objective matters concerning the data received on the use of the product. Therefore, Elettromedia s.r.l. can not guarantee the satisfaction of any peculiar expectation of the customer who accepted the “Send System Info”, but only that it will use the data received for the improvement of the product, when necessary, at Elettromedia s.r.l unquestionable judgement.

6) The terms and conditions set forth in this document can be modified by Elettromedia s.r.l. at any time and will be considered as notified to the customer when the modification is entered in this document, which the customer will have the duty to verify. These terms and conditions will be governed and be interpreted pursuant to the laws of Italy. The customer accepting the “Send System Info” implicitly confirms that he read and understood the meaning of this document, even if it is not written in his mother tongue language, provided that he can always contact Elettromedia s.r.l. for an explanation by using the following details:

Elettromedia s.r.l.
S.S. Regina Km. 3,500
62018 – Potenza Picena – ( MC) - ITALY
Tel:  0039-0733-870870
Fax: 0039-0733-870870

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